Michael Bartolucci - Dog thrown out saying only seeing-eye dogs are allowed

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I just completed seven months and every cent I had, each of those months, to get my dog a diabetes service dog.I came in to Ralphs and was promptly approached by a man who said he was Steve Whitt the store director.

He threw me out saying a new law was passed that only seeing-eye dogs are allowed. I for one know that is not true.

I am going to the area council woman (Sherri Lightner) for this district and Turco files, and Amy the ADA attorney for Barona.You can call Johnny Chua director for Doyle Community Park (858) 552-1612 and see how tenacious I am when I have been wronged.

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That is, in fact, against the law. They can't even ask for proof the dog being a service dog. Enjoy your discrimination lawsuit!

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